25 May 2018

Paul Beavis

In room 5 we had Paul Beavis with us and he showed us how to do a poster of one of his books called Mrs Mo's Monster. Paul Beavis is a book writer and he is an illustrator. 

09 May 2018

What Is Red

In room 5 we did some poems about colours that we like. We had to do poems about colours, the colour that I like is red so I chose red to write about.

What is RED?

Red is spicy hot radish,                                                              
Dark red bright red light red any red,                                           
Red is blood from a vampires teeth,                                                  
A rooster creeping through the yard,                                
Ripped up red paper,                                                     
Crumbley crunching leaves,                                                           
A rose red ripe apple tumbling,
Red is the sound of devil’s calling,
A Raspberry yum yum
Red is mouthwatering hot red peppers
Squishy sweet tomatoes
A colour from a rainbow
Red is one of the most dramatic colours
My face goes red when I am angry
Red is thunder and the lightning
Red is my heart

07 May 2018

angle indicator

In Room 5 we had to create a sceencastify on all of the angles and degrees that we have been learning about. Sophie and I are going to show you our sceencastify.