26 September 2018


The reasons why we made these collages was because we want to show people what plastic does to the environment and how it harms the creatures that live around us.  The first thing that came into our head was the sea  because the sea animals are suffering from the plastic that goes into the sea and are dying from it.  We want to show people what we are doing to the creatures in the sea and why they are  dying.  We got to work on making our plastic collages.
First of all we had to rip up magazines and stick them on a big piece of paper with pva glue. But we would have to make sure that we had a variety of  the one colour so it was just the one colour.  Then we made some sea animals and then put the plastic of our choice over our animals. 

 Some of the problems we had with making the collage was ripping up the right colour and finding the colour we needed. Another problem was trying to get them done in time so we could show them to the whole school. Some easy parts for making the collage was making the sea  animals and sticking down the ripped up paper. 

Haylee and Tahlia

25 September 2018

Bin Liners

In Room 5 we have been learning how to write to persuade. We had to persuade our principal how we do not need plastic bin liners. We had to write three reasons and we had to have three paragraphs.

10th September 2018


Dear Mrs Wallace,

At Awahono School we have a problem because we are using too much plastic bags as bin liners in the classrooms. There are three good reasons why I believe that bin liners should be be ban  


 Firstly, in a day we use 10 bags in each classrooms, in a week we use 50, in a term we use 500, in a year we use 2,000 plastic bags. This is how much we use and it is too much.

Secondly, without plastic bags in our class rubbish bins we are saving money and also saving the animals in the sea from  eating plastic and dieing from the plastic.

Thirdly, I strongly believe that we should ban plastic bags because all that we put in our rubbish bins is dry paper and not wet rubbish.

Finally, all the plastic goes in a big dump called a landfill then in the winter when it rains the landfill gets washed away and ends up in the sea to make the sea animals die.

In conclusion, I think we need to stop using plastic bags as bin liners in the classrooms because it is killing sea animals and making a bigger and bigger problem everyday. We only need to keep the wet bin liners that we need for the chickens food, only two a day.

Yours sincerely,



14 September 2018

Little House on the Prairie

In room we are reading this book called Little House on the Prairie. We had all these activities. Zoe, Violet and I were in a group for a slide show. So this is mine and Zoe and Violets slide show.  I found out all the characters  and had to do activities about them. The activity was what they needed to go on the trip. They were going on a trip to move out of their house. They were going west.