30 April 2018

Girls rock two at the zoo

this is my homework from the holidays. We had to do the autumn math and reading challenge.

13 April 2018


In writing we have been learning how to describe so we wrote a haiku. We had to write a haiku about autumn.

12 April 2018

Swimming Lessons

At Awahono School. we did swimming lessons with the instructors. My teacher was Angus but now it is the holiday so we did these slides  about what we learned at swimming.

06 April 2018

Hunting and Fishing Compettion

In Room 5 we have written about  Hunting and Fishing. I went to the Competition. It was really fun so we got to write this piece of writing.  We have been learning to  describe. We had to write in vivid words.

Ambling to the Hunting and Fishing Competition I spot slippery and slimy black eels wriggling in a bin of water on the ground.  I ask the people that are weighing the eels if I can pick the black eel up to put it into the bin to be with the other eels for company. I have to put my hand over the eels mouth so it doesn’t bite me. As I pick an eel up it goes to bite me so I quickly put my hand over its mouth. Then I slowly put it in to the bin with the others and watch it slither around.They are really big and slippery. When  I have enough looking at the deer I go back to the eels. There are more than before. I see a big big eel so I run away because it is so big. An hour later I see some people looking at the eels so I go over and show them my eel. To get a better look at the eel I pick it up. The people are scared and jump.