11 December 2018

Waiuta Camp

Last week my class and I went on camp to Waiuta. We did all sorts of activities, they were really fun to complete. I  also didn't mind sleeping there but I think I liked my bed better but it was still OK because at least I got to sleep. We met this man called Mr Fortune. He was really nice and he showed us around Waiuta and told us some old  stories about Waiuta. They were interesting to listen to.


14 November 2018

Reading Profile

When we start a new term in Room 5 we make a reading profile. We had to think about what our reading goal from last term and we had to write if we completed it. We also had to note down what will be our reading goals for this term. 

09 November 2018

Pet Day

A couple of  weeks ago we had pet day at our school. We had to write three pieces of writing and then we put them all on a slide show. I brought my puppy Skid. This is what my slide show looks like.

31 October 2018

Art Chair

 On Thursday our class, room 5, and room 6 were with Mrs Ealam. We decorated chairs. We had to find a picture from a magazine of your choice and cut them out and stick them on the chair with pva glue and then when we were finished we did the last coat of glue but it was non toxic modpodge. I was in a group with Zoe, Tahlia and  Sophie. We all had to pick a theme and our theme was hunting. This is what my groups and my work turned out like. I think they all looked really cool and stylish.        

16 October 2018

spring hoilday homework

This holidays we got sent home with homework. We had to write a sentence that we read in a book and we had to make sure it describes. This is my holiday homework.

26 September 2018


The reasons why we made these collages was because we want to show people what plastic does to the environment and how it harms the creatures that live around us.  The first thing that came into our head was the sea  because the sea animals are suffering from the plastic that goes into the sea and are dying from it.  We want to show people what we are doing to the creatures in the sea and why they are  dying.  We got to work on making our plastic collages.
First of all we had to rip up magazines and stick them on a big piece of paper with pva glue. But we would have to make sure that we had a variety of  the one colour so it was just the one colour.  Then we made some sea animals and then put the plastic of our choice over our animals. 

 Some of the problems we had with making the collage was ripping up the right colour and finding the colour we needed. Another problem was trying to get them done in time so we could show them to the whole school. Some easy parts for making the collage was making the sea  animals and sticking down the ripped up paper. 

Haylee and Tahlia

25 September 2018

Bin Liners

In Room 5 we have been learning how to write to persuade. We had to persuade our principal how we do not need plastic bin liners. We had to write three reasons and we had to have three paragraphs.

10th September 2018


Dear Mrs Wallace,

At Awahono School we have a problem because we are using too much plastic bags as bin liners in the classrooms. There are three good reasons why I believe that bin liners should be be ban  


 Firstly, in a day we use 10 bags in each classrooms, in a week we use 50, in a term we use 500, in a year we use 2,000 plastic bags. This is how much we use and it is too much.

Secondly, without plastic bags in our class rubbish bins we are saving money and also saving the animals in the sea from  eating plastic and dieing from the plastic.

Thirdly, I strongly believe that we should ban plastic bags because all that we put in our rubbish bins is dry paper and not wet rubbish.

Finally, all the plastic goes in a big dump called a landfill then in the winter when it rains the landfill gets washed away and ends up in the sea to make the sea animals die.

In conclusion, I think we need to stop using plastic bags as bin liners in the classrooms because it is killing sea animals and making a bigger and bigger problem everyday. We only need to keep the wet bin liners that we need for the chickens food, only two a day.

Yours sincerely,



14 September 2018

Little House on the Prairie

In room we are reading this book called Little House on the Prairie. We had all these activities. Zoe, Violet and I were in a group for a slide show. So this is mine and Zoe and Violets slide show.  I found out all the characters  and had to do activities about them. The activity was what they needed to go on the trip. They were going on a trip to move out of their house. They were going west.

31 August 2018


In room five we have been learning about two dimensional shapes in maths time. I was in a group with Amelia and Tahila we did a screencastify.  

30 August 2018

Plastic Mountain

In room 5 we are learning about plastic. The reason why we are learning about plastic is because it is destroying our sea and sea animals. The turtles think plastic are jellyfish and like to eat it and it kills them.

Plastic Bottle Mountain
I gaze around on the ground and stare at  thousands of bottles underneath the bridge, I have been working and working non-stop. I flop down on all the bottles and I can see lots of different neon colours and brands, like fizzy drinks and soft drinks. I gaze at a sharp pointy grey knife that Mum is holding which she uses to cut the labels off the bottles and put them in the right basket. Six hours of boredom. “Can we go home now?” I ask.
The whole plastic mountain smells like a rotten egg. It is so disgusting I can’t breathe. I pick up a slimy bottle and I throw it in one of the big bags and it bounces off the bottom of the bridge. There are big bags of plastic bottles “I am never going home” I say to myself.          

29 August 2018

Author Visit

Room five and six had an author visit from Jenny Sommervell. She wrote books that were based on a true story. She writes books about her life like when she wrote The eel hunt and the The day dad Blew up the Cow Shed. When she was a little girl on the way back home on the bus she liked to write books on the bus and make up stories. Jenny read us two of her books that we have in our school library.  



09 August 2018


In room 5 we were doing symmetry in maths time. In maths time we were learning about fractions. The line of symmetry makes the whole split in half through the middle. We had make sure the sides of the shapes were even on each side. I was in a group with Zoe and Tahila and this is what we created.

02 August 2018

My Reading Profile

In room 5 we all had to create our own reading profile. We had to create  a drawing to show what we want to do in term 3. This is my drawing 

27 July 2018

Fractions Art

In room 5 today we learned how to make maths into art. In maths time we are learning about fractions. When we were doing our art I used 6 sixteenths and one half on my jelly fish. Here is my creation. 

23 July 2018

My Hoiladay Homework

A few days ago our school was on holidays we had to do homework this is mine. We also had to write an sentence that describes the the setting.

06 July 2018

Worm Farm

In room 5 we have been reading about a worm farm info bytes. This is mine and Zoe's slide show. We hope you enjoy it. In my slide show  Zoe and I said  how to
make a worm farm and what they eat.

29 June 2018

Pablo Picasso

In room 5 we were learning about Pablo Picasso. Pablo Picasso was a famous artist, and in his life he did many painting. We were learning to mix paint. This is my painting that we did in my class. 

01 June 2018

My Reading Profile

We were learning to make a reading profile. We had to create a Google drawing to make our reading profile. We also had to write our reading goals for this term. Here is my profile. 

25 May 2018

Paul Beavis

In room 5 we had Paul Beavis with us and he showed us how to do a poster of one of his books called Mrs Mo's Monster. Paul Beavis is a book writer and he is an illustrator. 

09 May 2018

What Is Red

In room 5 we did some poems about colours that we like. We had to do poems about colours, the colour that I like is red so I chose red to write about.

What is RED?

Red is spicy hot radish,                                                              
Dark red bright red light red any red,                                           
Red is blood from a vampires teeth,                                                  
A rooster creeping through the yard,                                
Ripped up red paper,                                                     
Crumbley crunching leaves,                                                           
A rose red ripe apple tumbling,
Red is the sound of devil’s calling,
A Raspberry yum yum
Red is mouthwatering hot red peppers
Squishy sweet tomatoes
A colour from a rainbow
Red is one of the most dramatic colours
My face goes red when I am angry
Red is thunder and the lightning
Red is my heart

07 May 2018

angle indicator

In Room 5 we had to create a sceencastify on all of the angles and degrees that we have been learning about. Sophie and I are going to show you our sceencastify. 

30 April 2018

Girls rock two at the zoo

this is my homework from the holidays. We had to do the autumn math and reading challenge.

13 April 2018


In writing we have been learning how to describe so we wrote a haiku. We had to write a haiku about autumn.

12 April 2018

Swimming Lessons

At Awahono School. we did swimming lessons with the instructors. My teacher was Angus but now it is the holiday so we did these slides  about what we learned at swimming.

06 April 2018

Hunting and Fishing Compettion

In Room 5 we have written about  Hunting and Fishing. I went to the Competition. It was really fun so we got to write this piece of writing.  We have been learning to  describe. We had to write in vivid words.

Ambling to the Hunting and Fishing Competition I spot slippery and slimy black eels wriggling in a bin of water on the ground.  I ask the people that are weighing the eels if I can pick the black eel up to put it into the bin to be with the other eels for company. I have to put my hand over the eels mouth so it doesn’t bite me. As I pick an eel up it goes to bite me so I quickly put my hand over its mouth. Then I slowly put it in to the bin with the others and watch it slither around.They are really big and slippery. When  I have enough looking at the deer I go back to the eels. There are more than before. I see a big big eel so I run away because it is so big. An hour later I see some people looking at the eels so I go over and show them my eel. To get a better look at the eel I pick it up. The people are scared and jump.

23 March 2018


At Awahono School. We did Midland Line swimming and this is my piece of writing.

Swimming Splash! I dive into the clear blue water and start
fast.  I swing my arms and my kick my legs as fast as I can. As I turn my head to
breathe the water comes in my mouth and  I spit the salty water out and keep
going. My heart is pumping and I start to get tired but I don’t give up. People
are cheering us on. I try not to crash into the colourful lane ropes. Looking
 through my clear goggles I can see the water getting shallower and shallower.
Achsh! my feet hit the bottom as I reach the edge of the pool and I hit my
against the pool. That really hurt! I am proud of myself because I came first
I am really happy when the people clap and I feel like I have been at a race
and the people cheer me on. Haylee Haylee Haylee! You are the best.
When I am finished I sit down to watch the swimming  and I see my friends.
I cheer them on and one of them win. Now it is finished and so I go to the class
and wait for my friends to came back. Maybe next time I will win.

19 March 2018


In room 5 we have been learning to write a description about cycling. The police came to Awahono School, and told room 5 how to keep our bike safe.


Zigzagging around the orange cones I try not to fall.  I try not to pedal too fast because I don’t want to crash into the person in front, but if I go too slowly I start to wobble.  It makes me nervous, but I can do it! Holding one handlebar
tightly, I glance over my right shoulder, then I signal right,  I put my other hand back on the handlebar and turn. I wait in the line. Finally I am going after this person, now I need to get my bike ready to go and I’m off.  I try not to fall, as I

make a hand signal. I have to get ready to turn really well. Ah, no, crash! I fall and I am making a traffic jam.  I have got to get up so people can go again. Half an hour until  lunch time and I’m really happy and a bit tired but I think I can survive. I am really proud that I did well.

09 March 2018

What is Rock?

In room 5 my reading group has been reading  a book about rock. We have been learning  to find words about the topic. This is my list  of words about rock.

23 February 2018

skips in a minunte

In Room 5 we have been learning to do a statistical investigation.  In my group we did how many skips in a minute

16 February 2018

This is Me

In class Room 5 had to do a slide show about ourselves.