23 March 2018


At Awahono School. We did Midland Line swimming and this is my piece of writing.

Swimming Splash! I dive into the clear blue water and start
fast.  I swing my arms and my kick my legs as fast as I can. As I turn my head to
breathe the water comes in my mouth and  I spit the salty water out and keep
going. My heart is pumping and I start to get tired but I don’t give up. People
are cheering us on. I try not to crash into the colourful lane ropes. Looking
 through my clear goggles I can see the water getting shallower and shallower.
Achsh! my feet hit the bottom as I reach the edge of the pool and I hit my
against the pool. That really hurt! I am proud of myself because I came first
I am really happy when the people clap and I feel like I have been at a race
and the people cheer me on. Haylee Haylee Haylee! You are the best.
When I am finished I sit down to watch the swimming  and I see my friends.
I cheer them on and one of them win. Now it is finished and so I go to the class
and wait for my friends to came back. Maybe next time I will win.

19 March 2018


In room 5 we have been learning to write a description about cycling. The police came to Awahono School, and told room 5 how to keep our bike safe.


Zigzagging around the orange cones I try not to fall.  I try not to pedal too fast because I don’t want to crash into the person in front, but if I go too slowly I start to wobble.  It makes me nervous, but I can do it! Holding one handlebar
tightly, I glance over my right shoulder, then I signal right,  I put my other hand back on the handlebar and turn. I wait in the line. Finally I am going after this person, now I need to get my bike ready to go and I’m off.  I try not to fall, as I

make a hand signal. I have to get ready to turn really well. Ah, no, crash! I fall and I am making a traffic jam.  I have got to get up so people can go again. Half an hour until  lunch time and I’m really happy and a bit tired but I think I can survive. I am really proud that I did well.

09 March 2018

What is Rock?

In room 5 my reading group has been reading  a book about rock. We have been learning  to find words about the topic. This is my list  of words about rock.