14 February 2020

first day of Technology

Yesterday was my first day of Technology at the grey high school. There were two groups in different classes. 
In the morning my group were in computering. In that class we are making a electric   garden game. I was sitting next to my friend Zoe. After  computering we had lunch, then my next class was science and we made ice cream. 
It was hard to make because we had had a big bag and small bag. In the big bag we had to put salt and ice, in the small bag we put milk and vanilla. We put the small bag in the big bag, sealed the big bag up and we moved the bags around and shook them until ....
The ice made the ice cream go hard!

The last class of the day, cooking and sciences, were sort of the same class.
In sciences/cooking we went to two sciences labs and we had to create tiny explosions.


25 January 2020

summer learning journey

if I had a you tube channel?

if I had my own you tube channel I would call it Haylee on the West Coast. 
I create fun and cool videos like 24 hour challenges, and hunting videos, I also would like to post room tours and other fun videos.
my favourite you tube channel in new Zealand is a hunting channel and they also do farming it is called new zealand sleep hunting. 

by haylee